Under no circumstances should performance results presented be construed as an indication of future performance.  An investment in a London Company strategy is subject to risks, including the loss of principal.  While data is obtained from sources we believe to be reliable, it cannot be guaranteed.

Large Cap

QTD Large Cap-3Q2020 vs. R1000

QTD Large Cap-3Q2020 vs. R1000V

Income Equity

QTD Income Equity-3Q2020 vs. R1000V

QTD Income Equity-3Q2020 vs. S&P 500

Mid Cap

QTD Mid Cap-3Q2020 vs. RMC

QTD Mid Cap-3Q2020 vs. RMCV

Small-Mid Cap

QTD SMID Cap-3Q2020 vs. R2500

QTD SMID Cap-3Q2020 vs. R2500V

Small Cap

QTD Small Cap-3Q2020 vs. R2000

QTD Small Cap-3Q2020 vs. R2000V


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